What clients are saying about my sessions…

I am very happy to say when I asked my clients if they would be kind enough to give me some feedback they came back with the following.

 After reading these testimonials hopefully you can see Pilates really is for everyone. I work with over 120 people a week and they are all different and it’s a pleasure to work with them all.  Here is some of their feedback.

 Client Testimonials

 “Emma’s enthusiasm and commitment to Pilates is second to none. Her varied classes are a great mix of challenge and fun whilst being well structured and clear to follow. She is very professional and attentive ensuring every movement is done correctly. Over the past year I have improved my core strength, posture and flexibility and would highly recommend trying out a class.”

Rachel B, Lichfield


“Emma works with my daughter on a one to one basis and is very understanding of Lauren’s condition; she is always very friendly, professional and helpful to aid Laurens recovery from a brain tumour.  During the time Emma as been doing Pilates with Lauren we have seen a big improvement in her posture, strength and general well being, Lauren always looks forward to her sessions.”

Julie P (Laurens Mum), Yoxall


I thoroughly enjoy being taught by Emma. She understands precisely the workings of the muscles and the exactness of the exercises, but more than that, she is supportive and encouraging to each member of her class and their individual needs. I regularly recommend Emma’s classes to people that I know.

Tom S, Lichfield


Having medical problems I thought Pilates was out of my reach.  From my very 1st lesson, Emma has adapted moves for my ability, she certainly knows her job.  Pilates gives me energy, my body is changing, I am becoming more flexible in my movement.  Pilates is changing my life for the better.    

Sue H, Burntwood


I have been going to Emma’s Pilates classes for just over a year and can highly recommend them. Emma is an excellent teacher who explains the moves really clearly and gives different options of how to do them so you can join in whatever level of fitness you are at. You don’t get hot and sweaty but you definitely work hard and it is incredibly satisfying when you can do a move you found impossible when you started!

Diane N, Lichfield


I was a complete novice when I joined Emma’s class; I have been delighted with what I have learnt. Emma makes the classes’ enjoyable but hard work; she is obviously very knowledgeable and inspires confidence. I feel my body is getting stronger every week. The moves we learn vary from week to week which means that we never get bored. I would recommend Emma’s class to anyone thinking of taking up Pilates.

Ruth K-G, Lichfield


 Pilates has improved my running. Since I started Emma’s Pilates class, I have noticed a definite improvement in my running technique. I feel stronger in my core which means I suffer less with fatigue, and I feel lighter on my feet – fantastic!

Louise G, Lichfield


As a club Hockey and Golf player I have found Emma‘s Pilates classes have improved my range of movement, helped me keep injury free and enable me to feel stronger and fitter during matches.

During the classes the focus is on quality of movement, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and I would recommend to any sportsman to include Pilates in their programme to maintain and improve general fitness “.

David E, Lichfield


Since taking up Pilates my core strength and physique has benefited no end. Emma’s classes and one-to-one instruction has really improved my fitness. The classes are fun, there’s a really supportive atmosphere and it feels like we’re constantly progressing! It’s perfect for males wanting to get into shape.

 Sean B, Elford


Emma is the only one of a number of professionals I have seen who really explains things thoroughly to me which allows me to fully understand how each move will help me and how my body works. I have a narrowing of my spinal cord which affects the strength of my leg muscles, Emma is able to explain how my muscles work and get the best out of me at every session.  We have been working together for 6 months on a one to one basis developing an exercise programme that works for me.  I also attend her classes; she adapts some of the moves so I can feel it working correctly in my leg muscles.   I really enjoy my weekly sessions and can feel my posture and strength improving.  Above all Emma is friendly and professional.

Amy B, Lichfield


If you would like to join one of my classes or book a private session please contact me on 07764 199380, alternatively email emmasandersuk@gmail.com.